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TPACK in Action!

Harris, J. B., & Hofer, M. J. (2011). Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) in action: A descriptive study of secondary teachers’ curriculum-based, technology-related instructional planning. Journal of Research on Technology in Education , 43(3), 211–229.

This study by Harris and Hofer took an in-depth look at seven different social studies teachers and examined how they integrate TPACK into their lesson planning and how their lessons can be improved with a greater focus on TPACK. It was determined that teachers plan around content goals and organize around learning activities, so the authors put forward that integrating technologies should follow a similar format. The teachers concluded that, while integrating technology would enhance their classes, it would not revolutionize them.

The methods used in this article include triangulation through in-depth interviews as well as examination of lesson presentation and content. The results of the study could have been enhanced with the addition of a quantitative aspect of data collection. Harris and Hofer took a step in the quantitative direction by categorizing responses from participants, but wasn't quite succinct enough to count as a truly quantitative response. The results of their interviews were highly personalized, which revealed a significant amount of information to the reader that wasn't exactly necessary for the understanding of the study.

One of my top takeaways from this article is that "following the professional development experience, participants more often emphasized using technology to intellectually, rather than affectively, engage their students" (222). This demonstrates a recognition by the authors that I have had while reading several DGBL articles; while the affective engagement aspects are what draw us to technology, the intellectual engagement of our students is the desired end result. Technology in the classroom would be the most useful if it could harness both affective and intellectual engagement simultaneously.

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