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Steinkuelher, C. (2010). Digital literacies: Video games and digital literacies. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 54(1), 61-63.

Steinkuelher's article seems to be less of a research study and more observational conjecture based on a single student. His article explores the conundrum that is a smart student who is an avid gamer, has a particular interest in history, and even writes fantasy novels based on games, Despite all this, the student was doing poorly in school. Steinkuelher pointed out that this student tended to excel beyond expectations when doing anything related to his interests, but performed poorly on any other academic tasks.

It is difficult to break down the methods demonstrated in this article as no real methods are actually used. The author observed a student at school and in his free time, one student, and from there made some significant conjectures. Clearly, individuals learn better when the subject matter is one which interests them. While unfortunate for Julio that he refused to participate in school, the author provided no real solutions here other than to blame the education system for not conforming to his interests.

The author states near the end of the paper that "one could argue that english class has increasingly become a female domain." I was rather taken aback at this. Has it? Perhaps the author attended a different english course than I did, because my instructivist classes were conducted in the same way that courses were held since before girls were expected to go to school. It does raise the question though of what can ALL courses do to become more inclusive of different types of students? It is possible that that is where this author was going with the purpose of this article, though that is certainly not what I took away from this paper. Online courses may be better for students like Julio, who can have content related directly to them and may be more open to learning.

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