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Introduction to Adobe Spark

What do you want to create?

This is the first thing that Adobe Spark asks when you log in or create an account. As a frequent Adobe product user, I was struck by the simplicity of getting started with this program. Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign (the three programs I would say I am most familiar with) each begin with the complex program shaded in the background and a window prompting you to set up the size and define other parameters of whatever project you are about to start. Adobe Spark, on the other hand, provides pages, templates, and icons to prompt the user to create their project. I will be focusing specifically on video creation in the Adobe Spark tool.

Once you have chosen a template, you are directed to the editing screen below.

Unlike other video editing programs, Spark video editor appears to be set up in a slideshow format. Like in Powerpoint, the main bar allows you to edit each slide individually, choose a slide layout, and choose a theme. Unlike Powerpoint, though, the user is prompted in the upper left of the center slide to select an image or a video to insert. Spark is focused on image content, whereas Powerpoint is focused on text. Spark provides a library of themes and music for the user to choose from and seamlessly integrates each slide (whether or not they contain video) into a complete video.

While not exactly intuitive, Adobe Spark does provide some additional functions that other video editors are lacking. By setting up a slide-based format, it gives the creator pause to think of anything that they may want to add into the video or between sections of the video. Each slide only holds 30 seconds of content, so there are ample opportunities to insert other slides in between. Adobe Spark videos do not have the standard "add a question" function that is so prominently displayed in other educational video editing software, and therefore Adobe Spark is not technically a creation tool for interactive content. Overall, Adobe Spark provides an easy-to-use interface that creates high-quality videos from slides.

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