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Hypermedia Circa 2010: Is This Still Relevant?

Azevedo, R., Moos, D., Witherspoon, A., & Chauncey, A. (2010). Measuring cognitive and metacognitive regulatory processes used during hypermedia learning: Issues and challengesEducational Psychologist, 45, 210-22.

Azevedo, Moos, and Chauncey examine methodological issues with researching self-regulated learning. In particular, the writers focus on the challenge of measuring the level of cognitive processes occurring while a student is learning online. They begin by setting up their fundamental assumptions, analyzing current research, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and pointing out what they believe to be future challenges for self-regulated learning.

This article presents a thorough overview of self-regulated learning with the technology available in 2010. They begin by presenting a few of the assumptions that must be correct in order to study SRL. Some of the assumptions aren’t exactly intuitive. For example, one assumption is that SRL processes can be detected, modeled, and fostered during learning. This appears to be a rather large assumption considering this is most of what the article is dedicated to supporting. Most of this research is hypothetical, though some studies through MetaTutor are cited.

I found this article to be relevant to the direction I would like to take my research. Hypermedia is a form of precursor to interactive and gameful learning. There are several aspects of hypermedia that have been implemented in games and could easily be used as a crossover between games and gameful learning. One of the more useful aspects of this article was employing multiple pedagogical agents to assist with learning in an online setting. In the study discussed, MetaTutor agents help students set and achieve their learning goals. In addition to this, agents in digital applications could recommend units or web pages for students that would be relevant or interesting to them and what they are trying to learn.

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