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A First Glance at H5P

I have chosen to explore specific educational technologies that facilitate the creation of interactive content. Roland Pokornyik, CEO of &, claims that interactive media increases user engagement and captures more data, In a time where we are inundated with games, apps, and constantly evolving media, keeping students engaged in just one task is increasingly difficult. Interactive media is a broad category, and while I knew what I was looking for, I wasn't sure how to describe it, which made my search for the right technology rather difficult. With some help from Megan Tolin, I found H5P, and with a bit of exploration, I think I may have discovered just the tool I am looking for.

At first glance, I wrote H5P off as a lost cause because of all the plugins advertised on their landing page. I was sure that I had to have a website on one of their chosen platforms in order to integrate or create any content from H5P. After some discussion with Dr. Hicks, I discovered this was NOT the case and I could create interactive content without having a specific site for their app to plug into.

So I began to test drive. Their content page displays three featured categories among the huge list of content types that can be created through H5P: course presentation, interactive video, and memory games. I tried the demo of each and, while the memory game appeared very rudimentary, the interactive video and course presentation were both very impressive. The course presentation appears to function like an interactive Powerpoint document, allowing the creator to display information on an initial slide and then have the following slides contain quiz questions. It allows for "jump to..." buttons in the corner of the screen that users can navigate through the presentation with. I think these jump buttons would be more effective if tied to a home screen where the user can choose one chapter at a time to pursue. The interactive video was absolutely fascinating. All their demo included was a quick tutorial on how to make a smoothie, but it was like playing a game in the process! As you watched, various clickable buttons appeared and gave options for interactive activities such as fill-in-the-blank questions, multiple choice, and even drag and drop activities. The feeling that the video clip must continue kept me clicking and excited to see what would happen next, which is crazy when you consider that, if I had seen this video clip anywhere else, I would have scrolled right through it and never paid any attention. Both tools, particularly the interactive video, look like fantastic methods for displaying interactive content and I look forward to doing a more thorough review of them next week!

Pokornyik, R. (2019). 7 types of interactive content-- why & how to use them. SingleGrain. Taken from

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