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A Brief, but Thorough, Overview of New Literacies

Knobel, M., & Lankshear, C. (2014). Studying new literacies. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 57(9), 1-5.

Of the articles read this week on New Literacies,the article by Knobel and Lankshear provides the best overview of the subject. They define the idea of New Literacies and go on to explain why and how it is different from what came before. Knobel and Lankshear provide an overview of what has been learned so far from New Literacies research since the 1990's and discuss its implications for teaching.

This article reads as a qualitative meta-analysis, bringing together some of the most popular and widely-read studies on New Literacies. Literacies are defined as "bringing technology, knowledge, and skills together within contexts of social purpose." This definition is widely supported throughout the article and by most of the cited works. Gee's work on affinity spaces is heavily relied upon to support their use of affinity spaces.

I appreciated how this article tied together so much of the literature I have read through recently. I have been reading extensively on gamification, and in that time have come across several of the articles cited in this work. New Literacies is a heading that ties them all together neatly. It also managed to introduce some new ideas and perspectives on these readings and their synthesis that I hadn't previously considered, such as the communicating and remixing of cultural ideas for a broader appeal.

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