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Popular Online Games

A post wasn't required this week, but I did find a really interesting article that I didn't want to forget (I know it isn't necessarily...

How to Generalize

Hrastinski, S. (2009). A theory of online learning as online participation. Computers & Education, 52(1), 78–82. Hratinski's article...

A New Angle on an Old Topic

Abrami, P. C., Bernard, R. M., Bures, E. M., Borokhovski, E., & Tamim, R. M. (2011). Interaction in distance education and online...

TPACK in Action!

Harris, J. B., & Hofer, M. J. (2011). Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) in action: A descriptive study of secondary...

How to Interest Students in a Video

Clossen, A. (2018). Trope or Trap? Roleplaying Narratives and Length in Instructional Video. Information Technology & Libraries. 37, 1,...

Video Design for Education

Schwartz, D. L., & Hartman, K. (2007). It is not television anymore: Designing digital video for learning and assessment. In Goldman, R.,...

Gameful Learning: A First Look

Deterding, S. (2013). Gameful Design For Learning. T+D. 67(7), 60-63. Deterding explores how the concepts found within games that make...

Does Technology Make Us Smarter?

Salomon, G. & Perkins, D. (2005). Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification With, Of, and Through Technology. I n R. J....


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